What Is Covered

Personal Accident Insurance Summary

This insurance is only valid for jumps in the UK at BPA approved locations

About your Insurance

Skydivingcover.com arranges personal accident insurance for individuals purchasing a single skydive.

This insurance provides specific personal accident benefits only valid for jumps in the UK at BPA approved locations.

The following is a summary of the benefits available to you under a single jump policy.

Compensation payable in respect of Accident:


  • Death £100,000
  • Permanent Total Loss of Sight of One or Both Eyes Up to £100,000
  • Loss of One or More Limbs Up to £100,000
  • Permanent Total Disablement Up to £100,000
  • Temporary Total Disablement Up to £300 per week (excluding first 7 days)
  • Charter of Air Ambulance Up to £1,000
  • Baggage and Personal Effects Up to £500
  • Personal Money Up to £100
  • Personal Liability Up to £1,000,000



This insurance is intended to cover a range of injuries however not every injury is covered.

Benefits are paid regardless of whether you have any other personal accident insurance in force from another source.

No medical is required.

This insurance does not cover claims for injury caused by illness, disease or a gradual loss of function (unless resulting from an accident whilst participating in a Skydiving.com activity).

How much does it cost?

Insurance cost is just £29.75 for single jumps *

* This is made up of £5.00 premium, £0.60 tax and £24.15 arrangement fee.

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